Head tube

Outfitters's head tube is customizable in 1mm increments. 1, 1-1 / 4 inch tapered head tube provides a rugged and flexible ROAD FEEL.

The bottom of the head tube is equipped with a Cane Creek bearing and the top is equipped with a Semi Integrated Cane Creek forty40 headset. This is the way to cover head tubes of all sizes, and still a Press in headset provides the best performance and reliability.

  • Custom bikes


  • Handmade bicycles


Bottom Bracket

Outfitters's BB is designed with a focus on stiffness and strength.

The BB shell with an outer diameter of 70 mm and a width of 68 mm is designed to be compatible with all currently available cranks. We think that the T47 standard BB shell is the best way to do it. The thread of T47 standard is inserted by MCT precision machining of aluminum 7075. All other standard BB shells can be inserted.


Down tube

Outfitters's down tubes are designed with a focus on rigidity and strength.

For the BB part, it is an ellipse stretched horizontally from the 68 mm wide BB shell. The head part is a BI OVAL shape with an elliptical profile bent 90 degrees.

It is produced by determining layup direction and thickness considering the riding style and weight of carbon layup.

Top tube

Outfitters's top tubes are designed with a focus on flexibility. The elliptical top tube with a profile of 25mm-31.6mm wide and 30mm-40mm wide is flexible to the top and bottom, and can withstand torsion to the left and right. Depending on the riding style, you can adjust the carbon layup direction and wall thickness of the tubing.


Chain stay

Outfitters's chain stays are designed with focus on torsional stiffness and strength.

From the BB part, the profile of the rectangle turns 90 degrees toward the dropout

It increases rigidity when the frame is twisted.

The cables connected to the rear derailleur are designed to pass inside the chain stays, and the cable lines are connected straight from BB cable guides without torsion, providing a good transmission feel. The chain stay interval is 36mm, allowing up to 32c tires.


Seat tube

The bottom of the outfitters's seat tube is designed to focus on BB stiffness and strength. A straight tube with asymmetric geometry with a maximum width of 68mmBB can be used to minimize the deformation during pedaling and to transfer the power of the rider to the drive train. The top of the seat tube is designed with a focus on flexibility. It uses a 27.2mm seat post standard and provides smooth ride with flexible movement when riding.


When you start to build your own custom bike, what we're first doing is always listening.

This is the beginning of building your dream bike. We need to keep talking each other.

From this process, we have to understand what you want to build, how it works and how look like it.

This process takes time. Sometimes, It may take 1week, sometimes 1month, even more.

However, This time will give to you unforgettable memory in your ride life.

When we are finish to understand your bike, we need to know your physical status.

We check your body size such as total height, inseam, arm length, tight length and so on.

This is first step of finding your perfect fit. Next step is testing your power and flexibility with our UCI official fitter using 3D motion analyzer in our fitting room.


If you know your perfect fit of your bike, please fill our custom fit form and send it to us.